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ビシッと品質  すべては、世界基準の品質のために。


The history of AOS cannot be translated without its high performance practiced in the quality assurance. The recent customer’s needs are restrict and for example it is not unusual to be required the S-grade of JIS in the visual spec. of O-ring from the customers. The maximum size of the limit in flash is 0.1 x 0.1 in the S-grade. However, we have the great confidence in the small size of O-ring like the internal diameter of 0.8mm, and we control the maximum flash size of 0.02 x 0.02mm in that O-ring. This value is absolutely tiny, and much superior even compared to the S-grade of JIS. That performance makes sure the quality of AOS products is highly compensated and ranked in the top level in the world. AOS will continue to grow up in the quality assurance and the development of its technology with customers.

TS16949、ISO9001 Certification

  TS16949:2009    ISO9001:2008

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